Dog breeders directory contains thousands of kennels all over the world. Dog fanciers can find dogs and kittens from 50 countries. Our database has all dog breeds. Our dog breeders list is operated by dog breeders themselves. They fill the form - enter kennel address and contac information, kennel website and email. Dog breeders can add up to 10 breeds for 1 kennel and upload 1 photo for each breed. This way people get complete information about dog breeders and buy puppies or adopt dogs in their area.

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Dog Breeders Directory. Find dog breeder in Kennel Search - free dog breeders listing.

Kennel Search Copyright. All rights Reserved. All the information on our website including photos, cattery information (dog breeders contact info etc.) can't be used for any commercial purpose or to solicit listed breeders for any goods or services.

The Kennel Search is an advertising service for dog breeders of pedigreed dogs and puppies, much like the newspaper or the ads found in the back of popular dog magazines.

We make no guarantees about the breeders listed here or your interactions with them. It is partly your responsibility as a potential buyer contacting the breeders to do your homework. Do your own research about purebred dog breeds and about working with responsible dog breeders.